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Csongor Nyulas
Hi Alaa,

That's Protege 3 with the DataMaster plugin.

You can download Protege 3 from the same page that I sent you earlier (Click on "Download now" button and then on the "Older versions" link, and download the latest Protege 3 version, which is v3.5 ). Then Download the latest DataMaster plugin (v1.3.2) from our wiki:,  and install it in the Protege "plugins" folder as per instructions. Then you can open or create an ontology in Protege 3 and activate the DataMaster plugin through the Project -> Configure menu.

This being said, I would like to point out that we do not support anymore Protege version 3.x or DataMaster. Instead I would suggest you try the latest version of Protege 5.2.0 (which you can download from the Protege web site) with either the Cellfie (which is integrated in Protege)[1] or Ontop [2] plugins.

If you have any further question, please write on the Protege User mailing list (subscribe here [3], if you are not subscribed yet), not directly to me. You can include this whole thread in your post to the mailing list, if you wish, so that you give context to others.


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On 05/23/2018 03:15 PM, alaa zaki wrote:
need the framework in the following image

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What framework?
If you want to download Protégé or try WebProtege, you can find links to that first thing on our website:


On 05/23/2018 01:57 PM, alaa zaki wrote:
dear sir
i'm research student in computer science, and i need your framework

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