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Nick Drummond

I've added recursive repositories to the request list - it might be a sensible default.
Control over the strategy used is probably down to each independent load (particularly as you can't change the prefs until after loading something anyway).
I don't intend to change the standard file dialog - its good that standard GUI elements are used in P4.
An additional prompt might start getting annoying - this needs a little bit of thought.


On Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 5:23 PM, Alan Ruttenberg <[hidden email]> wrote:
Currently, when opening a file in p4, the folder in which the file is found is automatically added as an ontology library, non recursively.

It would be good to surface this as a preferences - choices do so, do so, recursively, and don't do so.

I've found the recursive version is often what i want, but but also sometimes not at all, as when I open an ontology that I've received in the mail straight from the Downloads directory (which also has a bunch of other junk).

You could do this each time you load an ontology, but that requires messing with the file dialog, which it looks like you don't have infrastructure for yet.


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