SQWRL expressions not supported in SWRLDroolsTab

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SQWRL expressions not supported in SWRLDroolsTab

Dear all,

I was trying to implement a rule that combines SWRL with SQWRL expressions for inferring new individuals for classes in Protege latest release (3.5), but when I press the OWL+SWRL->Drools button the number of SWRL rules exported to rule engine is 0 and running Drools and then pressing Drools->OWL does not asserts new individuals to appropriate classes. Note that this feature was available with Jess.

Example rule which is not supported in SWRLDroolsTab: 
SampleClass1(?x)∧ hasValue(?x, ?val)∧ sqwrl:makeSet(?vs, ?val) ∧ sqwrl:avg(?avg, ?vs)swrlb:greaterThan(?avg, 10) → SampleClass2(?x)  

The same rule modified on the THEN part of the rule to select the resulting individuals gives the expected results:
SampleClass1(?x)∧ hasValue(?x, ?val)∧ sqwrl:makeSet(?vs, ?val) ∧ sqwrl:avg(?avg, ?vs)swrlb:greaterThan(?avg, 10) → sqwrl:select(?x)  

My question is: why SWRLDroolsTab does not support expressing rules which include SQWRL expressions, which was previously supported by JessTab? If it is not supported in SWRLDroolsTab how can we express these kind of rules (requiring Closed World Assumption) in Protege?

Best regards,

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