SWRL Process Modeling Tutorial

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SWRL Process Modeling Tutorial

Michael DeBellis-2
I did some work on a process model ontology recently. The project that I was developing it for didn't work out but I thought that some of the rules I created to do things like calculate the duration of a sequence of processes might make an interesting SWRL tutorial. 

I realize this is not as generic as the other tutorials but I've seen several questions on this list over the past year from people wondering about process modeling so I thought that domain might resonate with a large audience. Although I want to be clear this is a tutorial about SWRL not a realistic attempt at a serious process modeling ontology, its still just a toy example, just a bit more complex domain than pizzas or families. 

The tutorial plus the initial ontology and the final ontology are on my blog (which doesn't have much else on it) and can be found here: 

I've also attached the PDF for the tutorial. 

I'm working on my own so I don't have any guinea pigs who could try the tutorial cold.  I'm sure there are parts which could be clearer. If people find it useful I'm eager to correct or improve any of those parts, so send me any and all comments, suggestions, etc. 


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Re: SWRL Process Modeling Tutorial

This tutorial comes at the right time.
Thank you Mr. Michael.
Best regards