SWRL Rule - for class instance which is Numeric variable

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SWRL Rule - for class instance which is Numeric variable

Tole Dipali

In my ontology, I have class  “Item” and “BarCode”.


Snapshot below shows class instances.






Object property is “hasBarcode”   .It says Item hasBarcode.


I was trying to write the rule as Bar code  6879.2 is  equivalent to (1000.9 and XYZ1234)




Means if any item has barcode 6879.2 - it should get replace by the item numbers having barcode 1000.9and XYZ1234 when I run reasoner and run my query


But I am getting the error if I try to write the rule using numeric number.





Just to check  I tried to access XYZ1234 as a class instance while writing the rule..did not get any error




Is it the case, we cannot access Class instance  with numeric number ??









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