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SWRL Tab issues

Jonathan Solnit

I'm trying to add a SWRL rule on Protege 3.2 beta build 243 and have
found some
strange behavior.  Below are steps that will hopefully reproduce what
I'm seeing.

Issue 1:
1. Go to the SWRL tab and click the "create new rule" button
2. Go down to the buttons on the bottom, and they don't exactly fit in the
bottom of the window.  When you hover over one it highlights and
overlaps with
the white box above.
3. Click the ^ button, and yellow "E" shows up in the white box
4. Click OK, and the message "Error: '^' may occur only after an atom."  
All the
buttons on the bottom are erased by this message, and the white box is
Hit Cancel and you can start over with refreshed buttons.

Issue 2:
1. Start with a new rule creation window
2. Click the "Switch to Triples" button, then the "Create object
property value"
3. Select "swirl:head" and click OK (probably anything will work)
4. Pick any class you want for the new value
5. The Individual Editor window comes up.  Nothing is active in the
window, e.g.
you can't click any of the buttons, type text in the rdfs:comment
property, or
even close the window.
6. Protege is basically now hosed.  You can click back to the Individual
window, but if you move it around (or just minimize and maximize the entire
Protege window), things on the display disappear and you end up with a
gray window.  You can find some of the buttons again on the top (save, cut,
copy, etc.) if your mouse happens to pass over them and the reappear.  
The only
option I've found is to restart the program.


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