Snap SPARQL and SPARQL 1.1 Entailments (spanish speakers)

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Snap SPARQL and SPARQL 1.1 Entailments (spanish speakers)

Hello, I have used Snap SPARQL to make some queries in which I want some of
the answers to come from inferred data. I read in [1] that this is possible
due to the entailment regimes defined in SPARQL 1.1 [2].

I want to write about this in Spanish, but I haven't find an article in that
language that mentions this entailments and I don't know how to translate
the term. Maybe something like "vinculación", "implicación" o "consecuencia

There is a translated version of the old version of the SPARQL specification
[3] but it doesn't include entailments.

Before just choosing one of my solutions I thought I could ask around, maybe
there is some other paper referring to this in Spanish.

Any Spanish speakers who know or have seen a translation for "entailment
regimes" and "entailment"? Or have any recommendations or opinions about
possible translations.

(I can tell that the relationship of this question and Protégé is pretty
much non-existant, but I though this could be a good way of reaching a wide
active community that actively works with Snap SPARQL)


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