Three upcoming Joint OOR-Ontolog Panels: Jul-16, Jul-30, Aug-6, 2009

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Three upcoming Joint OOR-Ontolog Panels: Jul-16, Jul-30, Aug-6, 2009

Jennifer Vendetti
We are forwarding this email on behalf of Peter Yim as we feel the upcoming panel sessions may be of interest to the Protege community.  Details provided below.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: [ontolog-invitation] Three (3) upcoming Joint OOR-Ontolog Panel Sessions - Jul-16, Jul-30 & Aug-6, 2009
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 09:26:18 -0700
From: Peter Yim [hidden email]
To: [ontolog-invitation] [hidden email]


****************** Headlines ***********************

Upcoming at the Ontolog Forum are three (3) joint OOR-Ontolog events:

*Thu 16 Jul 2009* - Professor Mark Musen (Stanford/NCBO) will be
leading a panel session, and along with his colleagues, talk about:
"Integrated tools for ontology development and management: A field
guide to the Stanford technology"
 - see details on the session page at:

*Thu 30 Jul 2009* - Dr. Natasha Noy (Stanford/NCBO) will chair a panel
session where a panel of developers/contributors will be discussing
our Open Ontology Repository (OOR) development effort, which will
initially be built upon the NCBO BioPortal codebase
 - see developing details on the session page at:

*Thu 6 Aug 2009* - Professor Kenneth Baclawski (Northeastern
University) will chair a panel discussion entitled "Ontology
Repository Research Issues" where potential Open Ontology Repository
(OOR) contributors will discuss longer term issues relating to both
platform and content development
 - see developing details on the session page at:

*Register your attendance* by emailing [hidden email] off-line.
Please specify the date of name of the session(s) you are registering
for.  ... *RSVP* (register for the Jul-16 now!)

******************** Details ************************

These events, like all Ontolog virtual events, are open and free of
charge. Anyone who is interested, or (better still) who may have
something to contribute, is welcome. Please refer to event details on
the session pages, to which the hyperlink is given above, where you
will find session agenda, conference call dial-in, slides and other
pertinent information. Feel free to pass this invitation along to
colleagues who may also find these sessions to be of interest.

*RSVP* by emailing Peter Yim at [hidden email] offline (or add
yourself directly to the session page if you are already an Ontolog
community member) so that we can prepare enough resources to support
everyone. [Please state clearly the date of the session you are
registering for in your email.]

The sessions will be recorded and made available in a publicly
accessible archive. Therefore, before participating, please make sure
you are cognizant of our IPR policy (ref:

Regards.  =ppy

Peter Yim
Co-convener, Ontolog & OOR

For more details about Ontolog or the OOR initiative, see:
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