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Type inference for instances

Jan Scheffczyk
Hi all,

I want to automatically "collect" some individuals that have certain
properties in an extra class.
For example, all individuals of the class Test should also be members of
its subclass Test2 if they have at least 2 properties t_card.

So I created Test2 as a subclass of Test with the necessary & sufficient

 >= t_card min 2

Assume I have three individuals in Test: T, T1, T2, where

T t_card T1
T t_card T2

Now I would assume that a reasoner can infer the types Test and Test2
for the individual T and the type Test for the individuals T1 and T2.
Racer gives me only Test in all three cases.

So what did I wrong?

BTW, the behavior does not change if I make ">= t_card min 2" a
necessary condition only.

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks,
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