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Upload and Merge on Web Protege

Michael DeBellis-2
I just created a new project on Web Protege. After I uploaded the file I realized that there was one inverse inference that I wasn't seeing and it was because I forgot to define the properties as inverses. I did that and exported the ontology using File>Export inferred axioms as ontology   I use this option since Web Protege doesn't have a reasoner yet, this way users can still see all the inferences that the reasoner makes. But when I went to use the Project>Upload and Merge option to load the newer version of the project (I had already given out the URL to some people and didn't want to send out a new one if possible) nothing seemed to happen. Then I tried just creating a new ontology with no content and using the Upload and Merge option on it. That didn't seem to work either. The empty ontology was still empty. 

I used a work around and just created a brand new project and sent that new URL to people and told them to ignore the old one. The old one is: https://webprotege.stanford.edu/#projects/2f4d7abe-c285-4eb8-b9de-0f55e00a7e16/edit/Classes  I made it public so anyone should be able to see it. 

Just checking am I doing something wrong? Is this supposed to work the way I think it should? Also, I noticed some minor connection problems with my network. It seemed to be working when I attempted the uploads, I never received any error messages but there were a couple times my network seemed to not be working, perhaps that had something to do with it?


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