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Looking for information I found what I needed: specific documentation on how to use new maven dependencies (not OSGI) in the Protégé project (it's OSGI). I found this URL:

However, I have the following problem:

I'm making some changes to the Protégé project (using OSGI and maven), changes involve the use of new maven dependencies in the "protégé-editor-owl" Bundle. I have tried to use this example but I have an error:

I made the changes in the "pom.xml" file of the parent Bundle of "protégé-editor-owl" (protégé-parent) and then in the "pom.xml" of "protégé-editor-owl". Intellij IDEA informs me of the following: it can not resolve the "include.resources" symbol, in the following line: "<Include-Resource> $ {include.resources} </Include-Resource>".

Some help?

Best Regards.
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