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announcement of project from Taos Research Institute

Paul S Prueitt
Please post this announcment, and circulate.
Dr Paul S Prueitt
The Taos Research Institute
Taos New Mexico

The "dream" is to create a Taos Research Institute, and eventually a
university centered in the high mountain valley of Taos New Mexico (USA)
where a "knowledge science" curriculum can be developed and used in mostly
virtual activities - World Wide.

A "not for profit" e-commerce system centered in Taos is being developed
from the site

This system has separate production and distribution aspects and will employ
Service Oriented Architecture and conceptual role up of social discourse

program design mapping Islamic social discourse
application of this design to open source capability to create "Glass Bead
and more generally (tutorials)

Virtual Taos is being designed to allow creative, artist, expressions in
original oils painting to be acquired world wide (and thus to take into
account differences in value of money and production costs.)


You may wish to participate with us in learning and teaching based on Second
School principles.

We cannot stress how important the ebSOA-IM (electronic business Service
Oriented Architecture - Information Model) methodology is.


The following sites will be used to develop this methodology, in the context
of business to business use, and related methodology for gene and cell
expression ontology.

(being configured now.)

A "generic" mapping program between object oriented data bases in general
and DL (desrciptive logic)-based ontology in particular could be the path to
both funding and curriculum development.  The ebSOA-IM is an object oriented
information model, similar to UML (Unified Modeling Language).

Creating an economic engine to support the Second School is essential.
First the list of innovations all included simplifying concepts and
technologies such as the key less hash table
the use of n-aries without fixed logical entailment
consistent with Orb (Ontology Referential Base) and Knowledge Foundations
n-ary based Mark 3 knowledge processor

see notational paper:

and BCNGroup Roadmap for deploying semantic technology

Current projects include

1) the development of a community wiki based on a refinement of a set of
terms related to ebSOA-IM to Protege OWL two way translations.

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You have introduced me to an interesting community, which is a chance for
me to learn a lot of things despite not being exactly focused on my
research activity, and I am thankful to you for that. I had some e-mail
discussions with Judith Rosen too, which is a lovely, very available, and
clever person. I just got "The End of Certainty" by Ilya Prigogine as you
suggested to me. I have scanned the introduction, not exactly
understanding the profound issues, but still enjoying it. I also bought
"Life, Itself". Yet, I do not have the skills and mind to understand all
of the subjects and motivations in your writings, mainly because many
disciplines are completely obscure to me (biology at first) and I do not
have a proper education in others (mathematics and physics), but I hope
our collaboration will be helpful to me in that.
Thank you,


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