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Rich Morin
Here are some assorted nits I've uncovered.  I'm using P4
(build 113) under Mac OS X 10.5.8 on an 8-core Mac Pro (Intel).

Create ontology wizard

  Ontology Format

    I would alphabetize the list, for ease of scanning.

    It's "LaTeX", not "Latex".

    The dialog is annoyingly modal: I couldn't bring up the
      "About Protege" dialog when this dialog was showing.

File menu

  Check for plugins

    If I use this item, then clock on "Not Now", the dialog
    disappears, but the only menu items that remain are for
    Apple and Protege.  I was able to restore the normal set
    of menu items by selecting "Quite Protege" (I then hit

Refactor menu

  Copy/move/delete axioms ...

    A space is present before the ellipsis.

  Split disjoint subclasses into pairwise disjoints
  Amalgamate disjoint classes into larger disjoint sets

    These aren't documented in Protege4Shortcuts.

Tabs menu


    This isn't documented in Protege4Shortcuts.

View menu

  Inferred axioms

    Has this gone away or been renamed?
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