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Hello, I have a question of defining properties for individuals in P4.


In previous versions like 3.1.1, Let’s say, we define class “AmericanPizza” has property “hasTopping”, set the domain of this property “Pizza” and the range of this property “PizzaTopping”. If I create an individual “ToppingA” as the instance of class “PizzaTopping”, then I create an individual “Pizza1” as the instance of class “AmericanPizza”, then in the Individual Tab, we will be able to define the “hasTopping” property for individual “Pizza1” by clicking the “add” button of the window of property “hasTopping”, then a new window will pop up to show the available class/individual in defined “range” – in this case I will see the class “PizzaTopping” on the left window and “ToppingA” in the right window, I can only select individuals shown in the right window to be the value of property “hasTopping” for individual “Pizza1”.


However, in P4, when I define the individual “Pizza1”, the object property assertion window does not show any property which should be inherited from “Pizza1”’s class. If I manual add “hasTopping” property, I virtually can define any individual from any class as the range, even though I have set the range of “hasTopping” property in Property Tab to be class “PizzaTopping”.


Could someone help me out? Thank you.


Jinyue @ University of Toronto

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