how to create the SWRL built ins

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how to create the SWRL built ins


I am following this link ( to create a simple built in atom about the comparaison between two strings. However, after I have generated the jar and put it in the plugin file of Protege, the "strings:stringsEqual" is not valid in Protege.

Below are my codes that are used to genetate the built ins:

public class SWRLBuiltInLibraryImpl extends AbstractSWRLBuiltInLibrary  
private static final String PREFIX = "strings";

private static final String NAMESPACE = "";
private static final String[] BUILT_IN_NAMES = { "stringsEqual" };
  public SWRLBuiltInLibraryImpl()
    super(PREFIX, NAMESPACE, new HashSet<>(Arrays.asList(BUILT_IN_NAMES)));
  @Override public void reset () { }
  public boolean stringEqualIgnoreCase(List<SWRLBuiltInArgument> arguments) 
   throws SWRLBuiltInException
  final int argument1Number = 0, argument2Number = 1, numberOfArguments = 2;
  checkNumberOfArgumentsEqualTo(numberOfArguments, arguments.size());
  String argument1 = getArgumentAsAString(argument1Number, arguments);
  String argument2 = getArgumentAsAString(argument2Number, arguments);
  return argument1.equalsIgnoreCase(argument2);

Think you for your answers!

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