its Urgent,,, can any body help me in opening this file

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its Urgent,,, can any body help me in opening this file

Junaid Shabir
Hi folks,

Hope all of you are doing well. I have got to work on this oncology, and so
far i have tried numerous OWL files which weren't relevant except this file
which i want to open but everytime it says not enough memory, i have made
sure every time i got enough memory with me. I got 1Gb Ram;while trying to
open this file usually i have more than 500Mb of Ram, yet it gives same
error. the source link of this file can be found on

National Cancer Institute Ontology (NCIO):<../exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=>

" nciOncology.owl<>-
This links to an archived, uncompressed version of the ontology that
can view in your browser. Warning: This file is ~32MB, and may take a very
long time to download." this is the file that i want to open, or do you
think if there is any other source to get this oncology please do inform me.

  I shall be highly obliged if you may help me by showing me the way.


-- Junaid Shabbir
MSc Multimedia Computer System[ in progress]
University of Birmingham
United Kingdom

Tel No:+44 (0) 7790394042

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