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Junaid Shabir
Hi folks,

Hope this email is going to find you all in good health. Other day i have
came up with one problem of opening NCI oncology, which by your help i've
been able to open. I have gone through it. I have downloaded one plugin
"jambalaya" to view the oncology in different layout. I am seriously stucked
with my next step. I am not sure about the strength of protege so far. I
know couple of things that you can do with protege. like building up your
own ontology and you can classify it with reasoner. there can be some
programming involved if you want to make your own reasoner. But I am not
sure what next? after geting your ontology classified with the existing

Is there any programming involved in regard of protege and its decision
My second question is How can we do the decision making for certain senerio?
Can any one give me bigger picture as i guide line where and what should i
look for? where can i find the relevant material. Better it will be if you
could tell me as many ways as i could use this tool.
I shall be highly obliged.

Junaid Shabbir
MSc Multimedia Computer System[in progress]
University of Birmingham
United Kingdom

Tel No:+44 (0) 7790394042

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