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Alex Masycheff
Hi Everyone,

I have another question about inferences. Suppose I have an ontology about printers:
  • [class] Features
    • [individual] Wi-Fi
    • [individual] Printing
    • [individual] Scanning
    • ...
  • [class] Issues
    • [individual] WiFiAntennaBroken
    • [individual] InkLeakage
    • ...
  • [class] Types
    • [subclass] Inkjet
      • [individual] PrinterAAA
    • [subclass] Laserjet
      • [individual] PrinterBBB
Now, I created object properties: hasFeature and mightHaveIssue and linked individuals as following:
  • [individual] PrinterBBB hasFeature [individual] Wi-Fi
  • [individual] Wi-Fi mightHaveIssue [individual] WiFiAntennaBroken
What I'd like to do now is to make the reasoner to infer that PrinterBBB mightHaveIssue  WiFiAntennaBroken.

How should I do it? SWRL rule?

Many thanks,

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