pellet reasoner for swrl built-ins

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pellet reasoner for swrl built-ins

sharmi m
Dear Users,

I had installed pellet reasoner with protege4.3 and working on that.
I felt a need to go for swrl-built ins.

After connected with net, I could get installed a version of pellet(using plugin update option), which shows as pellet increment in protege( i do not know what version of pellet makes it as pellet increment in protege).

Now swrl-built ins ( ex: i am using graterThan - ) are successfully reasoned out by pellet increment reasoner.

My problem is the following.

I have netbean java project. from the project i tried to execute the SWRL built-ins. which shows error related to unidentified reasoner.
Which version of pellet support SWRL built-ins?

Now i m puzzled with what version of pellet to be included in java library to execute the swrl built ins(which works fine with protege) from java.

can you kindly tell me?
Hope i have explained the pbm.
anything unclear, pl let me know.

I am struggling with the issue for few days

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