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problem with Protégé and JessTab


I utilize  JessTab (v. 1.4) for mapping Protégé Knowledge base to Jess Facts
in order to  develop a rule-based system  for  modifying Protégé instance. If  
I use it  with  Protégé  graphical user interface and  I run a rule (from
JessTab console)  that delete a Protégé instance, the corresponding Jess fact
is deleted. Else if  I  use similarly a java classes for  running rules that
delete instances, the connected  facts aren’t deleted, thus working  memory of
Jess is not updated.  I  would like  understand the motive  of this running

I take note of another use difference between the use of JessTab with  Protégé-
GUI  and from a Java class. When I use Jess functions  on the working memory
(e.g. reset, facts, etc…) I haven’t  problems if I run rules from JessTab
console contrarily if I run same rules with a bacth file from a Java Class, a
Jess exception is thrown:
        Jess reported an error in rountine JessEventSupport.broadcastEvent
        While executing (reset)
        Message: Event handler threw an exception

The code which throw this exception is :
        Rete engine= new Rete();
        . . . .
  . . . .
      /* Load Jess rules */
        engine.executeCommand(“(focus MyModule)”);;

thanks for your attention.

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