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[protege-owl] Adding multiple instances to a multi resource widget performance

Massimo Coletti

I am working on a quite complex OWL file -based ontology (complexity
comes from the imported ontologies, the file being edited is few classes
and a hundred individuals).

When I add an individual to a multi resource widget, the response time
is about 3s. Adding a second individual (same class as the first), takes
about 12s, adding the third seems endless.

In order to avoid the problem, I have to save the ontology, close and
re-open Protégé, every 2 individuals; this is not very pratical.

I have configured the heap size in order to use as muche RAM as possible
without paging (I am working on a 1GB box).

Is there some problem object allocation by the OWL plugin, or should I
configure my java environment in a different way?



CONFIG: Protege 3.2 Build 322, JVM 1.5.0_07-b03, memory=218M, Windows
XP, encoding=UTF-8, language=it, country=IT

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