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ahtisham aslam
For further information see
Date: Dec 20 - 21, 2006
Venue: Mariott Hotel, Islamabad
Workshop on Frontiers of Information Technology -- FIT

  Call for Papers
            "4th International Workshop on Frontiers
of Information Technology -- FIT '2006"
                            Islamabad, Pakistan -
December 20 - 21, 2006
                    Organized by: COMSATS Institute of
Information Technology, Pakistan
                    Co-Sponsored by: Pakistan
Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), and
                                 Higher Education
Commission of Pakistan (HEC)
    General Co-Chairs:
    S. M. Junaid Zaidi, COMSATS Institute of
Information Technology (CIIT), Pakistan
    Abdul Hanan Abdullah, University of Technology,
    Program Co-Chairs:
    Nadeem Daudpota,COMSATS Institute of Information
Technology, Pakistan
    Junaid Zubairi, State University of New York at
Fredonia, USA
    Shakil Akhtar, U.A.E. University, UAE
    Industrial Co-Chairs:
    Mahboob Yasin, CIIT, Pakistan
    Umar Saif, LUMS, Pakistan
    Zahid Iqbal, NADRA, Pakistan
    Local Arrangements Co-Chairs:
    Ahmed Mumtaz, CIIT, Pakistan
    Qaisar Abbas, CIIT, Pakistan
    Sajjad Mohsin, CIIT, Pakistan
    Shahid Khan, CIIT, Pakistan
    Proceedings Co-Chairs:
    Romana Aziz, CIIT, Pakistan
    Tariq Jadoon, LUMS, Pakistan
    Publicity Co-Chairs:
    Naomie Salim, University of Technology, Malaysia
    Arshad Ali Shahid, FAST-NU, Pakistan
    Nasir Jamal, CIIT, Pakistan
    Panel Coordinators:
    Amanullah Khan, CIIT, Pakistan
    Shahab Baqai, LUMS, Pakistan
    Farhana Shah, Quaid-e-Azam, University, Pakistan
    Steering Committee:
    S. M. Junaid Zaidi, CIIT, Pakistan
    Haroon Rashid, CIIT, Pakistan
    Arif Ghafoor, Purdu University, USA
    Ashfaq Khokhar, University of Illinois at Chicago
    Mohammad Ilyas, Florida Atlantic University, USA
    Mubarak Shah, University of Central Florida, USA
    Program Committee:
    Ahmad, Imtiaz, Kuwait University, Kuwait
    Ahmed, Ishtiaq, Kyoto University, Japan
    Ajay Gupta, Western Michigan University,
Kalamazoo, MI,USA
    Ali, Arshad, National Institute of Information
Technology, (NIIT), Rawalpindi, Pakistan
    Alvi, Ayub, National University of Computer &
Emerging Sciences, Islamabad, Pakistan
    Anis Cetin, Bilkent University Turkey
    Atif Memon, University of Maryland,College Park,
    Ayyaz, Naeem, University of Engineering and
Technology, Lahore Pakistan
    Brett Fleisch, University of California,
Riverside, USA
    Cetin, Enis, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey
    Chaudhary, Abbas, Balochistan University of
Information Technology, Quetta, Pakistan
    Cyrus Shahabi, University of Southern California,
Los Angeles,CA, USA
    David Bader, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA,USA
    Farhan Baqai, Sony Corporation, San Jose, CA,USA
    Farrukh Khan, King Fahd University of Petroleum
and Minerals,Dahran, Saudi Arabia
    Ghani, Sayeed, Institute of Business
Administration (IBA), Karachi, Pakistan
    Irfan A. Essa, Georgia Tech, USA
    Ishfaq Ahmad, University of Texas,Arlington, TX,
    Ismaili, Imdad, University of Sindh, Jamshoro,
    Kamal Abdali. National Science Foundation, USA
    Kamel, Ibrahim, Zayed University, UAE
    Khan, Mohammad, King Fahd University of Petroleum
and Minerals, Dahran, Saudi Arabia
    Malik, Naveed, Virtual University, Lahore,
    Maud, Muhammad, University Management &
Technology, Lahore
    Mohammad Zaki, Rensselaer Polytechnic institute,
Troy, NY, USA
    Mohsin Guizani. Western Michigan University,
Kalamazoo, MI,USA
    Naqvi, Sohail, Higher Education Commission,
Islamabad, Pakistan
    Neil Gershenfeld, MIT, Cambridge, MA,USA
    Pathan, Mehmood,NED University of Engineering &
Technology, Karachi, Pakistan
    Rasheed, Khalid,International Islamic University,
Islamabad, Pakistan
    Rashid Ansari, University of Illinois at Chicago,
Chicago,IL, USA
    Sangi, Nazir, Allama Iqbal Open University,
Islamabad, Pakistan
    Shakeel Akhtar, United Arab Emirates University,
    Sheikh, Noor M.,University of Engineering and
Technology, Lahore, Pakistan
    Shih-Fu Chang, Columbia University, New York, NY,
    Vipin Kumar, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis,
    Waleed Smari, University of Dayton, Dayton, OH,
    Zaidi, Mohammad,National Institute of Information
Technology, (NUST), Rawalpindi, Pakistan
    Since its inception in 2003, the International
Workshop on Frontiers of Information Technology
    has emerged as a leading forum in Pakistan for IT
professionals and researchers to discuss and
    present the latest research trends and results in
the field of Information Technology (IT).
    FIT 2006, fourth in this series, promises to be
another exciting event that will host leading IT
    researchers from across the globe and will provide
opportunity to build international research
    collaborations. The topics of interest include,
but are not limited to:
    * Communication and Networking
    * Grid Computing
    * IT Security
    * Educational Technology
    * IT Applications
    * ICT in the Developing Countries
    * Distributed and Collaborative Computing
    * IT based Applications including digital
government, e-commerce, e-learning and bioinformatics
    IT researchers and practitioners with an interest
in any of the above IT research areas are invited
    to submit original unpublished papers describing
their work (maximum 14 pages, single column single
spaced) latest by August 30, 2006. Submitted papers
will be accepted for presentation at the workshop on
the basis of their originality and relevance using a
peer review process. In addition the workshop
proceedings will include invited visionary papers and
presentations from renowned researchers and
practitioners in related IT areas.
    The schedule is as follows:
    Draft Paper Due: August 30, 2006
    Notification of Acceptance: October 14, 2006
    Camera Ready Copy Due: November 14, 2006
    For more information, please contact the
conference designated email account [hidden email]
or see the conference website at
    Dr. Nadeem Daudpota
    Department of Computer Science
    COMSATS Institute of Information Technology -
    Secretariat Address:
    FIT '2006 Secretariat
    Department of Computer Science
    COMSATS Institute of Information  Technology
    University Road, Abbottabad, NWFP 22060, Pakistan
    Phone: +92-992-383591-6
    Fax: +92-992-383441
    Email: [hidden email]
    Web: www.ciit.edu.pk

Muhammad Ahtisham Aslam
Ph.D Student
Room No. 5-06
Institute Of Informatics
University Of Leipzig

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