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[protege-owl] Cardinality constraints on the number of relationships of an individual

Stijn Verstichel
Hi all,

I've got a slightly tricky problem, and I can't seem to get it modelled
in Protege OWL. I wondered if someone over here could help me out. The
problem is following:

The class hierarchy is made up of two classes, namely a "Vehicle" and a
"Measurement". In between those two is a relationship "hasMeasurement"
(m:1 relationship). Now ... during execution time of the algorithm that
sits behind this model, an instance of "Vehicle", for instance vehicle12
is created. Further in the algorithm a relationship is established
between vehicle12 and a new instance of Measurement, measurementA,
according to the "hasMeasurement" modelling. A few minutes lates,
another relationship is created between vehicle12 and measurementB. And
so on ...

vehicle12     ------- measurementA
                   ------- measurementB
                   ------- measurementC

Now ... what I would like to do is to create a class
"InterestingVehicle", that embraces all "Vehicle" instances that have at
least 2 "hasMeasurement" relationships.

I tried this using the cardinality restrictions put forward in the Pizza
Tutorial, but the difference is, with the hasTopping relationship, that
the domain individuals are known to be of a different class, while these
Measurement individuals are all of the same class.

I would be grateful if anyone here could give me a hint to get this
sorted out,

Best regards,

Stijn Verstichel

Stijn Verstichel <[hidden email]>
Department of Information Technology
Ghent University - IBBT - IMEC - Bureau 3.15
www.intec.ugent.be - www.ibbt.be

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