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[protege-owl] Enhancement request to SPARQL query panel

Bellave Jayaram
        I am using the SPARQL query panel and would like to cut and paste
the resulting table into a document. However, when I try to do that in my
ontology, I see the following text:

SimpleInstance(Capability_21 of [Cls(p1:Capability, FrameID(1:29925 1))])
SimpleInstance(Institutionalization_of_Best_Practices of [Cls(p1:Benefit,
FrameID(1:29924 1))])
SimpleInstance(Capability_21 of [Cls(p1:Capability, FrameID(1:29925 1))])
SimpleInstance(Better_Communication of [Cls(p1:Benefit, FrameID(1:29924
SimpleInstance(Capability_19 of [Cls(p1:Capability, FrameID(1:29925 1))])
SimpleInstance(Better_Info_Flow of [Cls(p1:Benefit, FrameID(1:29924 1))])

I would like this instead to be exactly the text I see in the table, i.e.:

Capability_21 Institutionalization_of_Best_Practices
Capability_21 Better_Communication
Capability_19 Better_Info_Flow

One thing I noticed is that, changing the browser slot in the Forms tab
changes the text that one sees in the results table (which is good) but
there is no difference in the text that is cut and pasted. In other words,
if I were to change the browser slot for p1:Capability, I can see the text
that I want in the results table instead of Capability_21, Capability_19
etc. but the cut and paste result is the same as before.


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