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Daniel Elenius
1) When I add a "local folder" repository, and there are imports from
files within it, it sometimes happens that there are multiple owl files
with the same namespace, i.e. multiple choices for what to import from.
It would be nice if Protege would ask which one to use in such cases. (I
assume the import mechanism already ignores the .parc folders?).

2) When I rename a resource in some ontology A, and another ontology B
imports A and mentions that resource in a restriction, I get a crash.
If the resource is not used in a restriction, protege just creates a
local version with the old name.

I think protege should do the same thing in both cases, and crashing is
not a good option :)
However, just creating a local copy is not always ideal either. The user
may have forgotten about the renaming, and will proceed under the
impression that the correct (imported) resource is being used.

Ideally, the user should be informed that there is a missing resource,
and get an option of a) Create local copy, b) Rename resource, c) add
import which defines resource.

3) More generally, what is *really* needed is a way to rename resources
*and ontologies* in a stable way. I know about the "rename across files"
option, but it is too easy to forget some files where the resource is
being used. I suggest that there should be a "workspace" of ontologies
which are the "rename closure", i.e. when a resource is renamed in one
file in the workspace, it is automatically renamed in all the others.

2 and 3 are major, major ones. I cannot count the hours we have spent
working around these two issues.

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