[protege-owl] How to create individuals using protege-owl API ?

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[protege-owl] How to create individuals using protege-owl API ?

Alexandre Parra
    Dear all,

     I am creating an interface where the user can inform some values that will be inserted in a ontologia OWL. I would like to know as I make to create the individuals (established in a TBox) and to attribute to the individuals the values passed for the user ?
     What I need to make it is similar with what Protégé editor makes, or either, it has an interface that it allows the user to create individuals which receive  attributed values for slots. However it is not necessary to construct a ontology, as Protégé editor allows, therefore already I have it and I only want to create consistent individuals with the axioms, relations, etc defined in ontology OWL.

    Debtor for attention,

           Alexandre Parra.