[protege-owl] Managing updates of imported ontology

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[protege-owl] Managing updates of imported ontology

Hugo Ferreira

I have been developing an ontology that is (currently) split into two files.
Lets call them A and B. I created a project A with a A.owl file. I also
a project B with a B.owl file. In this project B I imported A.owl.

Now I have updated A.owl to a new project called A-0 and I would like
to have my old B project import the new A-0.owl project. Naturally I
expect there will be inconsistencies in project B but I assume that I can
edit and correct these.

My problem is that I have attempted to delete and add the new import
A-0.owl with no success.Can anyone point out how one should go about
updating imports in Protege.

Hugo Ferreira.

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