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[protege-owl] OntoLT installation problem

rakesh shejwalkar

I downloaded the lugin abd then placed the required folder into Protege3.1/plugins folder. Then i configured the Protege Properties file as per the instructions given  in instruction manual:

You are required to modify the variables in the protégé properties file, which you should find under your Protégé installation root folder (for example c:\program files\protege3.x\protege.properties)

The property variable named "ontolt.corpus.folder" points to the folder where your Corpus folder is placed. For example you have a corpus in the directory "C:\OntoLT\data\xml", then the variable entry should look like:


Another property variable "ontolt.analysis.folder" points to the folder where your analyzer files (use in the statistical analysis step -- see the 'handout' document) are placed. This entry should look like the following:



After doing this when i try to open up some project then the command prompt shows the message :

SEVERE: uncaught exception :Java.lang.noclassdef found error
at *******

could you kindly help me on thsi ..what i need to do for correct installation>?



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