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Elyes Lehtihet-3

Hi all,


(it sound a bit strange but) We generated an Ontology of the Ontology Definition Metamodel – RDFS, RDF(Base/Web), OWL(Base-DL-FULL), TopicMap, CommonLogic, ER.


We developed a tool that map the XMI output of the Unisys plugin for Rational Rose into an OWL format. We applied the mapping to the ODM Spec from the Rational Rose files on the OMG ftp website (06/04/03). The resulting ontologies can be found at the TSSG website:


Just create a new OWL Project from existing sources and paste the above URL.


We found it very useful to have a view on ODM with an Ontology tool – especially if you don’t have a license for Rational Rose!


Every package was transformed to a sub-ontology (1 Package – 1 File). Dependencies and inter-references between packages represent the imports. The navigable association-ends, as well as the attributes where mapped to object properties – with respect to their range, domain and cardinality. The attributes with datatypes (String, Boolean) were mapped to DatatypeProperties. The Enumeration classes were mapped to owl:Class; their attributes (possible values) were transformed to instances of the class and explicitly made disjoint (owl:AllDifferents).