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Nick Drummond

Sorry for the delay in response - this one got lost.
I'm not sure what you mean about saving using DC - if you can clarify
this it might be interesting
You would need to import DC into your ontology(ies). All DC contains (as
far as I'm aware) is a set of annotation properties you can then use to
annotate your classes, properties, and individuals (and actually some
restrictions etc) with authorship metadata.


Neury at Work wrote:

> Sorry being a little repetitive.
> But, is there any method in Protege that saves information (I was not
> able to find it) using the Dublin Core or do I have to implement it.
> Thank you again.
> Neury Freitas
> On 1/19/06, *Peter North* < [hidden email]
> <mailto:[hidden email]>> wrote:
>     If you are using Dublin Core then these additional inserts go
>     in-line in the ontology (in just the same way that an XML comment
>     can be interspersed with XML elements).
>     Unlike XML comments, these Dublin Core assertions can be persisted
>     anywhere an Ontology can be persisted (using Protege-OWL, this can
>     be a file system or a database).
>     On 1/19/06, *Neury at Work* < [hidden email]
>     <mailto:[hidden email]>> wrote:
>         Hello,
>         First of all, thank you for the information!
>         I am still not sure if I can save this information in a
>         separate ontology, because it has a very specific format.
>         I think that the idea of using the "Dublin Core" meet my
>         needs, however I would like to know where would you recomend
>         me to save this information.
>         Inside one of the Project files or do I need to creat another
>         file and save the information in it.
>         Thank you again! :))
>         Neury Freitas
>         On 1/16/06, *Nick Drummond* <
>         [hidden email]
>         <mailto:[hidden email]>> wrote:
>             Hi Neury,
>             Do you mean that for each class/property you need to add
>             user-specific
>             information?
>             You can add additional annotation properties for these and
>             fill in
>             values where required.
>             Perhaps all of these annotations can be stored in a
>             seperate ontology
>             which imports this one?
>             This means you could have a seperate ontology file for
>             each user.
>             Nick
>             Neury at Work wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Now I am facing a new small problem.
>> I use the Ontology loaded in Protege to get all the
>             properties and
>> concepts, then I get Lexical Information for all of these
>             properties
>> and concepts. In the next step the user choose which
>             information he
>> wants to save and at this point my problem appear.
>> I need to save some additional information (not modeled
>             in the classes
>> from protege). These information are directly correlated
>             with the
>> concept / property mapped in Protege.
>> I would like to know if somebody could help me, giving me
>             some advice
>> on how / where to save these information.
>> First I though saving it in a external file, but it does
>             not seams to
>> be the best solution.
>> Thank you so much for the help,
>> Sincerely,
>> Neury Freitas
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