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[protege-owl] Specializing doman and range of relationships

Hugo Ferreira

I would like to know if it is possible (and if so how) to specialize a
relationship. For example assume I have defined the following
relationship between classes:

has document element( domain:Document, range:document element)

Assume the following document types (sub-classes):
- Contract
- Web-Site

Assume the following document element types (sub-classes):
- Paragraph
- Home-Page

How can I specialize the domain and range so that we only accept
the following relationships:

has document element( Contract, Paragraph )
has document element( Web-site, Homepage )

Note that I still want to accept the original domain (document) and
range (document element) when it has not been specified further.

Appreciate any hints and/or pointers.

Hugo Ferreira.

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