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Elyes Lehtihet-3



We developed a tool to convert the OMG specifications from XMI to OWL ontologies. The result of this transformation is available at the TSSG website:

UML2 : http://www.tssg.org/public/ontologies/omg/uml/2004/UML2-Super-MDL-041007.owl

QVT : http://www.tssg.org/public/ontologies/omg/qvt/2005/QVT.owl

MOF : http://www.tssg.org/public/ontologies/omg/mof/2004/MOF.owl


Just create a new OWL Project from existing sources and paste the above URLs.


Every package was transformed to a sub-ontology (1 Package – 1 File). Dependencies and inter-references between packages represent the imports. The navigable association-ends, as well as the attributes where mapped to object properties – with respect to their range, domain and cardinality. We didn’t use the xsd datatypes for representing the common datatypes (String, Integer, UnlimitedNatural and Boolean) – they were represented as classes. The Enumeration classes were mapped to owl:Class; their attributes (possible values) were transformed to instances of the class and explicitly made disjoint (owl:AllDifferents).


One limitation is the representation of the behavioral features (operations and parameters); they were converted to rdfs:Comment. All the operations have a private visibility and their specification is an OCL Expression – but expressed in Text, not XML constructs.


The aim of this transformation is to precisely describe the OMG specs and store systems specification expressed in UML or MOF in an OWL database, instead if using a mof-based repository.


All comments will be appreciated.





P.S: The recommended version of Protégé is 3.2Beta build 304. Build 318 crashes when selecting the active sub-ontology (and there are 82 files for UML2).