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[protege-owl] convert OntModel to OWLModel

Selvanayaki M.

     i have two files schema file and individual file.when i want to
retrieve data it shows error Class cast Exception. i am using the
following method.

        String individualuri = "file:///root/Protege_3.1/location.owl";
        String schemauri="file:///root/Protege_3.1/locationschema";
        //get the schema model
        File file = new File("/root/Protege_3.1/location.owl");
        FileInputStream fileIS = new FileInputStream(file);
        OntModel ontmodel =
        //get the individual model
       OntModel individualmodel =
        //add the models
         OWLModel owlModel=(OWLModel)ontmodel.add(individualmodel);
        //get the class
        OWLNamedClass locationClass =

this code shows ClassCast Exception in the following line

 OWLModel owlModel=(OWLModel)ontmodel.add(individualmodel);

how to correct this error.is there any way to bind schema and individual
and get the individuals.plz help


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