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[protege-owl] from owl to database format with OWL Protege API

Julia Dmitrieva

Because I have no success with loading thesaurus.owl
with Protege 3.2 beta. I try to load it via my own
application which use OWL Proptege API. I see that I
can load all triples.

My question is how can I now convert it to Protege Database.

I know that there is interface OWLDatabaseModel, I do the
following, it just my guess

owlModel = ProtegeOWL.createJenaOWLModelFromURI(uri);
OWLDatabaseModel databaseModel = new
But I have to set Database driver, and also set the database URI.

Can you please explane me how can I do it.
The meaning of these actions is that after the conversion of
thesaurus.owl in database format I can load it in Protege,
without out of memory error stuff.

With best regards,

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