[protege-owl] how to query the Owl ontologies?

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[protege-owl] how to query the Owl ontologies?

Raj M Verma
hi list,

can some one provide me some information abt the literature on 'different ways of querying the Owl ontologies' bulit on using Protege!

Reasoners will provide us the satisfiability and consistency results, but if I want to ask protege to show/give me all the subclasses of a particular class, then how do I ask it? The easiest way is to look in the Protege itself by clicking on the particular class and then have a look at the list of subclasses under this class in the subclass explorer window... but I want to query an Owl ontology built upon Protege and get the answer for my query... I want to do this through an external query engine because this engine also has to communicate with another tool that processes this query information... so how do I achieve this?

To achive that, shud I open the Protege and communicate with it?
or is it enough that I directly communicate with the raw Owl ontology?

The scenario is:
I have an Owl Ontology that I built using Protege...

I want to use this ontology as a back end Knowledge base (instead of a typical database) for my front end simple GUI application...

I use this front end application to store and retrieve records, for example like a simple visual basic front end GUI application where we can access the existing records(from MS Access) and store some new records by selecting the data from the drop down list boxes and entering new data etc...

So now, I want to replace this backend database stuff with owl-based ontologies... my question is, how do we do the quering between these different background ontologies? shud we communicate with ontology editors like Protege? or shud we communicate with reasoners like Racer, along with the ontology? or shud we directly communicate with the ontology itself after making sure that it is consistent?