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ulrich thye
Hi all,

my experience in java are not quit good.

I have a java-app wich calls the reasoner as mentoined in

but I use: reasoner.computeInferredIndividualTypes(null);

Now I would like to query the inferred ontology with SPARQL.

As far as i know, i have to change the owlModel.  

In http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.misc.ontology.protege.owl/11742/match=inferred+save
Holger Knublauch described this, but i donĀ“t know how to implement this in java.

Has anybody some example code to put the inferred back to the owlModel so
that i can query the inferred ontology with SPARQL?

Best Regards

Ulrich Thye
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