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Selvanayaki M.
    i create one Class person and i create one individual for that class
named "sudha".this file in test.pprj.

    i create another Class tuple and tuple has two properties named
has_UniqueId(xsd:int),is_of_type(i didnt spacify any type,that is it can
store any type value).this class in tuplespace.pprj

   i create individual for person named "sudha" and i stored that indidual
in tuple class.tuple class instance is

instance name:Myspace1

afterthat from instance value "sudha" i got the Class name person.i done
these all works in single java program.i use the following code to get the
Class name from instance sudha.

OWLIndividual typevalue =
 System.out.println("The tuple instance belongs to this class " +

it return Cls(person, FrameID(1:29921))

i want to use the following code in separate java program.i use it in
separate  program.but it shows error "ClasscastException" in the following

OWLIndividual typevalue =

plz give a solution to this problem.

thanks a lot,


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