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reasonning question

Iulian Alecu

I have the following situation for which I can't give my self an explanation
B partial A;
D partial C;

Restrictions R1 and R2 ;

CP1 complete (R1 some A) or (R2 some C);

CP2 complete (R1 some B) or (R2 some D);

At this point I agree that CP2 inferred_subclassof CP1;

Now, if I define
        CP3 complete (R1 some B) or (R2 some owl:Thing);

 I would expect to get after classification that both CP1 and CP2 are
subclasses of CP3, bu actually I get just CP2 as subclass of CP3.
 I feel that I'm missing an important point about reasonning in OWL but I
just can't figure out which.

Thanks ,

Iulian Alecu
Laboratoire SPIM

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