use of owl:sameAs and skos:closeMatch

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use of owl:sameAs and skos:closeMatch

Karl Helmer

   I've got a import file that I'm trying use with my main owl file.  During the
import, Protege complains about lines like:

bids:License owl:sameAs dct:license ;

and another example with the lines surrounding the offending line (it's the middle
line that's throwing the error)

dct:description "a character string here"^^xsd:string ;

bids:BIDSVersion skos:closeMatch owl:versionInfo ;

obo:IAO_0000116 "To be discussed"^^xsd:string .

where bids: is the namespace of what I'm importing.  The error I get is Encountered "
<PNAME_LN> "owl:versionInfo "" at line 42, column 46.
Was expecting:
    "." ...

My question is: I'm not missing any line-ending characters and there are no quotes
within the string.  If I comment out the offending lines Protege passes the rest of
the text within that entry.  I've also checked that my skos URI's resolve correctly
when I put them in a browser window.  What am I missing with the use of sameAs and


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